Stuff about me

I am going to write some stuff about me here!


My Blog


My name is Alexander and I have one sister called Sophia. I am half russian and my mum was born in Ukraine.

Stuff that I like to do!!!!

I like to play tennis, football and basketball and I like to play on my DSI xl with fifa and pokemon in the game slot. I like the subjects maths, science, history, literacy, ICT and P.E. I would say that school is all right but good be better.


Sophia is my younger sister she is very funny and energetic. She likes jokes and loves to make people laugh. She loves pokemon and she is good to make pokemon evolve by trading as I don't go to my friends much.

She likes her friends Zuzanna and Gaby (Gabriella) and she says their like triplets. Her favourite sports are basketball and tennis.


My dad is awesome and he helps me with lots of things and he even helped me create this website from scratch. I like my dad because he buys me really cool things like the raspberry Pi and my laptop he likes a good laugh and he is really funny and loves good jokes!